Let's hook up!

If you are doing something related to queeristics, please get in touch!

I will be happy to get to know any interesting people and projects and I might add your project's website to my linklist. I am always curious about what else is going on out there. Actually, that is half of what this whole website is about.

e-mail: chris(at)


Here are some of the interesting and fabulous projects I have been in contact with or involved in.

For some queer theory input have a look at the website of antke engel's Institut for Queer Theory and other delights. if you don't have any plans for this summer yet, you should definitely go to the Copenhagen Queer Festival. for some drawings from last year's festivals please see the section “documentation” of this website.bildwechsel is an umbrella organisation for women+ and their representation in media, culture and art. Travel Queeries - a documentary film that examines the culture, art and activism of radical queers in europe. my favourite boyband are the Sissy Boys. check Anattitude Magazine, a cool print magazine featuring contemporary female hip hop activities in all genres. Another print magazine Hugs and Kisses, this one is about queer subculture and alternative glamour. Trickster is the first nordic web magazine with a queer perspective on culture and politics. Between 2004 and 2010 Chroma was an international queer literary and arts journal based in the UK. The Queer Arts Resource is a website that aims to expand the range and depth of knowledge about contemporary and historical queer art. Here is a great new website: grassrootfeminism featuring transnational archives, ressources and communities. Read this special literary text about queer theory by Jan Nathan Falling Long “If queer theory were my lover” – the title says it all.