is this a boy or a girl?
it's a drawing.

queeristics - that's not art!

queeristics is a drawing- and research-project about images and image-making. It’s about stereotypes, representation and norms. And about drawing as a form of queer visual activism.

On this website you will find series of drawings and writing circling around these fields of interest. There are two main sections to this website – DRAWING and WRITING.

The MAIN QUESTIONS guiding my curiosity are:

I further divided the drawing section into the following three caterogies:

The writing section divides into two parts:

Most of the texts are written in a in a more or less “bad” or d.i.y. english without paying too much attention to correct spelling and exact grammar. I am not a native speaker and I do not have the texts corrected. Accepting mistakes and deliberately making meaning less clear may point to the fact that no one can ever be really sure to be understood anyway.

With this website I document my drawn and written research for queeristics.